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Solar Billboard Kits

Specially designed kits for lighting billboards with solar powered lighting fixtures, these kits are designed to save your company money, and add more profit to your bottom line.

In remote location, or anywhere else for that matter, where the cost of electrical connections for your billboard lighting system would be cost-prohibitive because of trenching and grid connection fees, solar billboard lighting kits from Silicon Solar truly shine.

What happens if the sun light is not in the sky? No worries! Each billboard lighting system is designed to have enough storage battery power to perform all night without a full day's charge. Not to forget that our poly-crystalline and amorphic solar panels still hold strong during overcast and rainy conditions.

Our Billboard sign lights include a solar panel, battery, light controller and all necessary wiring to allow any crew team aside from ours have the capability to perform the solar lighting installation on their own. Each sign light is different. We at Silicon Solar are prepared to offer several types of lighting packages so ensure that our light billboard system has the correct components to perform to your high standards.