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Commercial Construction

In order to be able to meet all of our client's needs, GBS Inc goal is to provide customers with a quality project, completed on time and on budget... when they want it and how they want it. Customer satisfaction is a top priority at Green Building Solutions Inc. You wont lose when you choose, Green Building Solutions Inc.


We outfit various specialized structures with acoustical systems that typically rely on rigid insulation wrapped with fabric. Our systems both enhance a building's aesthetic appeal and soak up sound in the loudest of rooms. We also work with dozens of traditional panels that vary widely in texture and finish and are mainly Armstrong or USG Brands.


All commercial and residential doors, new or replacement doors. Our door professionals are all you need when your doors in a jam.


Whatever name it takes - we install and finish to perfection. Taking pride in our drywall work is what seperates us from the other guy. We appreciate your business with quality work.


Our thorough insulation work keeps each and every square foot of sprawling commercial buildings warm. We also take great care creating the solid, concealed spaces in walls and ceilings that help prevent fire and smoke from spreading throughout a building. Our fire stopping work plays a critical role in ensuring a building adheres to fire codes.


We install light-gauge framing that is widely embraced by our industry in commercial buildings. We have long worked with steel framing for its cost savings and design-friendly composition.


With countless advantages, Light Gauge Steel Trusses proves to be the structural roof framework of choice. We look forward in assisting you with any projects you may have requiring fabrication or engineering of light gauge steel trusses, installation and accessories. We can satisfy your project requirements. If you are looking for more information on light gauge roof trusses please contact us for more information.


Our experience building the exterior and interior walls that support ceilings, roofs and upper floors is a great aspect of our expertise in working on large-scale projects from the ground up. For information about our construction services Contact us.

Residential Construction

Green Building Solutions is having fun with going green. Green Building Solutions would love to help with your home building ambitions. With our many lending and property sources, we are sure to find just the right location.

Green Building Solutions has many designs to choose from and we wont only build you a quality home but a smart, energy efficient, environmentally friendly home.

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The tech savvy home builder meets Green Building Solutions Eco Custom Green Homes

Good home builders realize that home technology can be used to dramatically improve the home owner's lifestyle. From the latest in building materials to energy savings/environmental construction to home theaters and home automation, tech savvy home builders embrace new trends in building processes and home technology.

Green Building Solutions works with the home buyer to determine their lifestyle needs and uses technologies to enhance that lifestyle. They don't simply offer "option packages A, B and C... take it or leave it". They ask questions like "Does your family often listen to music?", "What kind of home theater or media room do you envision?", "Are you aware of the benefits of new trends such as central vacuum systems and radiant floor heating?". We use this process to tailor your home to fit you and your family's lifestyle.

Contact us today, we look forward to meeting you!