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Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV)

At GreenUP Energy Solutions, we offer a wide range of solar energy products that will work in conjunction with our other renewable energy resources to reduce our client's energy consumption and costs even more, in some cases even earning consumers additional cash paybacks from the utility company for generating more electricity than home or business is actually using.

How Solar Works

If the installed solar equipment is supplying a home or business with excess energy, this energy is sent directly back into the grid. A consumer's electric bill will reflect the net power usage, or the difference between the amount of electricity being produced by solar power and the amount of electricity actually being used by the consumer. This is called "net-metering". In some cases, this will cause the power meter to spin backwards, and the utility company is required to buy that excess energy back from the consumer at off-peak rates; Translation: now the utility company is paying you! It looks as if solar power is here to stay, as the old way of doing things vanishes away.